Latest Sermons

Here is a list of latest sermons by Pastor Holler. We trust that they will be a blessing to you.

Latest Sermons

Date Title Scripture Passage
7/23/2017 What’s the Point? Selected
7/19/2017 Some Day is Here! Selected
7/16/2017 The Believer’s Training, Part 2 Selected
7/12/2017 The Man with One Talent Matthew 25:14-29
7/9/2017 Consequences Selected
7/9/2017 The Believer’s Training, Part 1 Selected
7/5/2017 All In One Verse Selected
7/2/2017 Walking in the Spirit, Part 2 Selected
6/25/2017 Walking in the Spirit, Part 1 Selected
6/21/2017 If You Quit… Selected
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